How do I start and stop services?

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MobileDataNow runs services in the background to enable messaging functions to work and need to be started once you've finished configuring MobileDataNow. See technical info for more details.


These services are:


1. MDN Server                        (Common point of access for all data - needs to run all the time)

2. Tomcat Server                (Used for the web browser administrator interface)

3. MDN Mail Service                (For email messaging)

4. MDN Instant Messaging        (For instant messaging)

5. SMS GSM Modem Service        (For SMS messaging with a GSM Modem)

5. SMPP Service                (For SMS messaging with an SMPP connection)



You can start and stop these individually via Start>>Run>>MobileDataNow>>Services


services - menu

If you hold on to the CTRL key while selecting each service, the console window will appear so you can see the activity of each window.

In the example below, we've successfully connected to the email account 'contacts1'





Alternatively, you can access access these services via the Windows Start button, Start>>Run and type services.msc then click Enter


After typing services.msc, the services window appears. Navigate to the MDN Services like below.




If for any reason the services stop running (outages or dropped connections for example) they can be restarted through either of these methods.


You can view the running status of each server inside the MDN UI. Just click the Event Log at the bottom of the window. Here you can move between each server to see the status of each. The event log is updated every 10 seconds.




Also, each time a new base email address is added or any changes are made to the base messaging settings, the appropriate service will need to be started/restarted to pick up the new settings.


eg. Change IM base settings = restart MDN IM server

Add a new base email address = restart MDN Mail Service