How do I setup an email address for end-users to send in their queries?

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Click email, then Add Email Address Settings and enter the details of the IMAP settings for the base email address to be used by end-users to send queries to.


You can setup multiple email addresses for each query you plan to use, or just setup one email address for all queries and use a keyword at the beginning of each query to distinguish between them. Additional email addresses can be created at anytime.


Encryption Type: Select None, SSL, TLS or Auto

Email Address: The email address used to send queries to by the end user

SMTP Host: The outgoing email setting

IMAP Host: The incoming email setting

Username: The username for this email address

Password: The password for this email address

Port: Enter a port number if different from the default


Like below, use your own company email address details. We've used a dummy email address for illustration purposes.


email settings


Click the Save button, you will get a message that the save was successful and to restart the MDN Mail Service so it will pick up the new email account. The new email address is added to the tree on the left.


!! Important Note: Each time you add a new email address or change an existing email address setting, you'll need to restart MDN Mail Service so it picks up the new settings. See Running MDN Services about how to do this and for more information.