How do I install MobileDataNow?

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Download the software from if you haven't already.


Click on the installation file you just downloaded to launch the installer.


After the installation package has loaded, the first install screen is shown as below.





One of the steps requires you to decide if you want the services MobileDataNow requires in the background, to run when Windows starts and to run  after installation. If you do not select these, you will need to manually start the services within the MobileDataNow program menu.


We recommend you leave this screen as it is.






Move through the installation screens until the last step where MobileDataNow is installed.




After installation, you will need to activate MobileDataNow to get your free user account.


This is very simple and involves entering your email address, then pressing 'Next'




Enter your email address and click the Next button.


A message appears which says it will register your email address and send website account login details to your email address


installer- account-ok


Click OK


A message that your activation was successful appears.




Click OK, then Next





Click Done


If you selected the option to start the MobileDataNow services after installation, the following box will appear, Click OK




After a few seconds, the services will have started in the background and the browser window will launch to the following address

http://localhost:8080/dashwell/ and show the MobileDataNow login screen.


The default username and password is admin/admin