How do I control incoming public messages for abuse?

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Messaging controls are used to prevent abuse from members of the public overloading MobileDataNow processes. It also prevents spiraling costs of SMS messages from the same users overloading the service.


The example below lets each member of the general public send a maximum of 10 messages every 4 minutes. If they don't send another message for 3 minutes, the timer resets and they can begin sending messages again.


If they send too many messages, they will receive a reply 'Too many messages. Please try again later.' This message is editable.






You can also permanently block certain users from sending anymore messages. Select the type of message and enter their messaging details like below. Click Add.




To remove this person, click the second drop down box and select their details, leave the next field blank and click Save, like below.




This user can now begin to send messages again.