How do I add users?

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Add Users like below.


License type: Select the license each user can use, such as perpetual or annual if available.

Privilege: Is the user allowed to access this administration interface or are they an end-user (common user)

Username and password: Select a username and password for each Administrator.

Group: Select which group your user would belong to.



Users & Groups - User



Click the Add User button to add more users as needed if your license supports adding more users. Users can also be dragged and dropped in to Groups.



Messaging Info Tab


Add your information about messaging in the Messaging Info tab. These messaging details are used by MobileDataNow to authenticate query requests.


Email: Enter your email address you will use for sending and receiving queries.


SMS: The mobile number must be entered in international format. eg. (country code +64)(area code 21)(phone number 303707)  +6421303707


IM: To enter instant messaging identities for each user, the base instant messaging identity must first be setup in the settings before it will be displayed in the users' settings.


Users & Groups - msg info



Custom Query Values, see:

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