How do I add an instant messaging connection for end-users to send in their queries?

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Enter the details of the instant messenger you will use.


IM Name: This is the name the end users will receive query replies from. eg. MDN Server

IM ID: This is the IM username or screen name.

IM password: The password for this ID

IM Provider: Select from Yahoo!, MSN, Jabber, AIM, Google Talk, ICQ


Only one IM Connection can be created for each IM provider, so later when setting up queries, a keyword will need to be created for each query to separate the queries.


im settings



After you enter the end users' IM names, this base IM name will be shown as a friend in their IM list when it is connected.


!! Important Note: Each time you add a new IM address or change an existing IM address setting, you'll need to restart MDN IM Server so it picks up the new settings. See Running MDN Services about how to do this and for more information.