How do I add a group?

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Setup a Group


Groups are used to define access privileges to data and can be setup for Named Users or for Public Messaging (Anyone)


For Named Users, a group is created and users added to it. Only those those users can access data defined in that group.

For Public Messaging, a group is created and anyone can send a query to access the data defined with that group.


First you should setup a group. Groups are used to separate data access privileges for different users. For example, if you set up a group called Admin, then you could give those users inside the Admin group access to all data, where as if you setup a group called Support, those users inside the Support group might only have access to a smaller set of data.


Click Add Group and enter a name for the Group. Tick the tables and fields you want to give permission for the users in that groups to access.


If you want to give anyone access to the data click Public Group (Public Messaging). Only one public groups can be created.


Users & Groups - Add Group


Click Save once you've selected the tables and fields you want to allow this group to access.


Users & Groups - Groups


The screen shows the View you just created, and all the tables and fields selected for access by users in this group.