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"At most, 15 percent of SMBs who want to be able to use mobile applications are able to because it takes a lot of customized work. It takes a lot of customized implementation to connect the premises-based applications to the mobile devices to make them work together."
Steve Hilton, Analyst
Yankee Group


Business Overview:

In todays business environment as employees spend more time on the road or in the field, the need to access real-time business and customer data is a high priority.

Competitive organizations often have a wide range of enterprise applications which need to be accessible by mobile employees to enable them to perform their jobs efficiently and quickly. The best results are obtained when these organizations recognise the need to equip their remote employees with the tools to get accurate, real-time information.

The MobileDataNow Advantage:

MobileDataNow gives organizations the ability to quickly and easily deploy important enterprise information to mobile users in real time by simply using messaging (email, sms or instant messaging).
Since messaging is standardized and integrated in to every mobile device and is also very quick and easy to use, employees can get immediate access anytime, anywhere to the same accurate information as at the office resulting in improved productivity, reduced costs and increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

MobileDataNow requires no coding and can be setup in minutes, not days or weeks. Additionally, since it is simply messaging, it works with every mobile device, requires no training and your employees will not need to navigate menus or remember usernames and passwords. Your investment in MobileDataNow is future proofed as messaging is standardized and will work with every mobile device now and in the future.

Business Benefits:

Today’s workplace demands employees be connected to corporate data 24x7 from virtually any location. By extending the critical data contained in corporate intranets and enterprise applications to mobile devices organizations can:
  • Improve customer relationships by increasing face-to-face contact between employees and customers.
  • Deliver executive dashboard information allowing management to monitor and control operations when travelling.
  • Provide field sales personnel with real-time access to account, inventory and shipping data contained in Sales Force Automation applications.
  • Increase productivity by providing access to server-side databases to enable on-the-spot decision-making. Improve employee satisfaction and increase productivity by providing continuous, real-time access to HR and finance self-service functions.
  • Provide field force workers with continuous access to enterprise information allowing users to remain productive.

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